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In an effort to support our community we have launched a service in which you can place orders for you daily necessities, we will do the physical shopping for you, and deliver the goods to your door lowering the contact points, and thus assisting in lowering transmitions.

Please note this will NOT be a free service as we will incur costs during this process.

Orders of under P500  minimum P50 delivery

Orders of over P500 - 10% of the bill

Please note that this is within the Ghanzi Village and the surrounding plots within 10km of airfield shell filling station.

If you live further out an added P6.00 per kilometer will be levied.



How the process will work:

Step 1: Submit your orders via Whatsapp to Stephen @ +26771922029 with your location  pin using google maps.

Step 2: Order is submitted to retailer (all goods in stock will be set aside for the order)

Step 3: Bill is recieved

Step 4:  Bill submitted to client

Step 5: Client makes payment on bill via EFT using reference on the bill

Step 6: Order is collected from retailer and delivered to client